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terres du domaine de brau
Published on 20.11.20

Terre de Brau is a pioneer estate in sustainable agriculture, certified organic since 1989, when the label was created in France.

Our desire is to produce quality wine and cultivate the land in a way that respects the soil, people and know-how.

"Everything comes from the earth, and we only cultivate it "

Our story begins in Occitania, between the ocean and the sea, the Pyrenees to the south, the black mountain to the north, and the 2,500-year-old medieval city of Carcassonne which protects us.

We are looking for quality, pleasure, and conviviality, while respecting our land and its people. The climate remains southern with already a continental hint. The old winemakers say that when it rains on our lands, a drop goes into the Atlantic Ocean and another in the Mediterranean!

The Terres de Brau extend over 43 hectares (the equivalent of 61 football fields!). The vine took root here 150 years ago.
The 34 plots, grouped into two lots around the cellar, are protected to the south by the Trapel river and to the north by the scrubland. Since 1967, the 173,456 vines have been cultivated organically.

vignes vin bio du languedoc domaine de brau

15 hectares are classified as AOP Cabardès, characterized by a blend of vines from the south and the Atlantic basin. The vineyard is entirely planted; it receives if necessary, a compost based on grape marc and added plowing.

“More than 2 million cuts of shears are needed to prune our vines! "


We do not grow grass, there is already enough of it naturally! Sulfur and bouillie Bordelaise constitute the bulk of the sprays. The harvest, which lasts over a month, is carried out in accordance with the evolution of the maturities of each grape variety. Following the mechanical harvest, the harvest is destemmed and the yeasts present on the grapes ensure fermentation in concrete and stainless steel vats.

A cellar equipped with modern equipment allows the production and aging of quality wines with good taste. In the winery, the vinification takes place in barrels for some of our vintages. The work of our land allows us to create wines that are easy to drink, quality products that arouse pleasure and that we want to share.

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Domaine de Brau
Domaine de Brau
Domaine de Brau
Domaine de Brau
Domaine de Brau
Domaine de Brau
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