The ambition to sustain the living and moderne heritage

2 French expatriate friends, wine enthusiasts, wanted to embark on an entrepreneurial adventure that resembles them. For Guillaume and Fabien, wine is synonymous with sharing and discovery.

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A historic grape variety in a new generation approach

Fer croisé was also born from a fight and has its roots in the plot of Fer Servadou, this autochthonous and ancient grape variety that loves our French south-west Languedoc so well.

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“And we were able to mow the Regain» Jean Giono

A triggering event to revive all his land, and a new grass grew, a magnificent wheat born from the painstaking care of Panturle.
“And we were able to mow down the Regain.” Jean Giono

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mise en avant du sauvignon blanc

Sauvignon Blanc bio

Fraîs et fruité, avec des notes toasté. Vin croquant et très agréable en bouche.
Syrah Micro-cuvée bio - Brau

Syrah Micro-cuvée bio

Vin du sud gorgé de soleil et de caractère
Cuvée chateau 2020 Cabardès Domaine de Brau Bio

Château AOP Cabardès bio

Fraicheur & fruit pour ce vin structuré.
Domaine de Brau
Domaine de Brau
Domaine de Brau
Domaine de Brau
Domaine de Brau
Domaine de Brau
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