The ambition to sustain the living and moderne heritage

fabien revol assis au domaine de brau
Published on 19.11.20

2 French expatriate friends, wine enthusiasts, wanted to embark on an entrepreneurial adventure that resembles them. For Guillaume and Fabien, wine is synonymous with sharing and discovery.

Their desire is to make the purchase of a bottle of wine more spontaneous and to communicate their pleasure of meeting over a glass.

"To perpetuate the living & modern heritage"

They want to invest in Earth. Something real. Well supported technically by Yannick Massmondet and followed by investors, who also want a sure value, bearer of the future and meaningful, they buy the Domaine de Brau in 2020. The beginning of an extraordinary human adventure, made up of learning and encounters. . Many faces with complementary knowledge have since enriched this story.

The Terres de Brau have also had an atypical international history since they have seen a succession of owners from multiple origins, Belgian or Mediterranean, and 80% of the production is exported all over the world. Les Terres de Brau is the first step in the Voluptatem adventure.

Voluptatem is this community of investors, led by two men, hedonists and committed, Fabien Revol and Guillaume Mauffrey, brought together with the aim of bringing to life or reviving beautiful organic French or European terroirs.

The ambition to sustain the living and moderne heritage - Domaine de Brau


What is not on the CV: the roots and the transmission.
Work and respect for the land, the taste for simple sharing, the desire to take root and contribute in their own way flow through their veins. And then the need to transmit these values ​​to their children.

This adventure also provides a new perspective on the world of wine surely imported from their multicultural environments. A willingness to talk to you about lands and products in a simple and relaxed way.

This project for Fabien and Guillaume is not only professional, but it also makes their hearts beat faster. They have the freedom and the desire to share in theirvisions. Be independent and be able to run an agricultural business where hard work combines pleasure; an organic farm which preserves its authenticity thanks to the talents of men and technology.

It is also the desire to make others discover, in each of their wines, their vision of conviviality: large family tables where we simply meet, where we exchange noisily, where laughter, welcome and joy reign supreme.

To learn more about our Voluptatem community, click here.
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Domaine de Brau
Domaine de Brau
Domaine de Brau
Domaine de Brau
Domaine de Brau
Domaine de Brau
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