“And we were able to mow the Regain» Jean Giono

Vin nature Regain BRAU
Published on 09.01.22

A triggering event to revive all his land, and a new grass grew, a magnificent wheat born from the painstaking care of Panturle.
“And we were able to mow down the Regain.” Jean Giono

It is our history in many respects, that of the Terres de Brau, of the men and women who work it and who are attached to it.

It’s been the last 18 months where the elements seemed to be conspiring against us, as if to test us and not allow us to achieve our dreams. It was this episode of 4 consecutive nights of frost in April 2021 where a lot of things changed, where we also understood a lot about this profession. This gel from elsewhere that will inspire the labels of our Brau Experimental range, a macro zoom on a gel flower.

The ambitious recovery of this pioneering area of ​​organic farming, a sleeping beauty that demanded affection, a rebirth, and then the trials as if to remind us that the path will be very long, winding, and that we will not have to believing himself to be stronger than nature.

It was Guillaume who said to me one day “look closely, the path traveled over the past year, the energy in the fight that we all put in so that our lands express their potential as well as possible, and the pleasure of this wine. It is perhaps to be this cuvée that will save us.

It’s like being in Jean Gionio’s novel, Regain”.

The domain of Brau is our valley of the Durance. There is no coincidence, the translation of the novel into English is “second harvest”, the second harvest as a call to our good memories.

“And we were able to mow the Regain» Jean Giono - Domaine de Brau
photo credit : Gabrielle Gayraud
For Regain we were looking for an acid and tense balance.

Based on pinot noir, Regain asked us for special attention at harvest time. The Pinot du Languedoc generally changes quickly when it matures in the vine (variety with a very thin and delicate skin), the big job here is to start the harvest and take the right plots of uniform maturity thanks to manual harvesting. As we like, this one was done in the early morning, in the cool. Without ever adding sulphite, the berries were de-stemmed, de-stemmed, numerous rackings, a few pumping-overs and a quick vatting. Fermentation with native yeasts.

I invite you to read our article “Perseverance and rebirth – The creation of our first natural cuvées” for a precise detail of the work in the cellar.

Our guideline:

Look for the fruity side, a nose of red fruits, slightly balanced by the contribution of wood (Work under stave during fermentation) to give it a warmer and more greedy side, and bring a slight tannic grain which will finish the end of the mouth by a fairly pronounced and very balanced longevity.

bouteille de regain de la gamme expérimentale
“And we were able to mow the Regain» Jean Giono - Domaine de Brau

Regain is not a wine for laying down.

Regain is a wine with a strong character. Regain will reveal its full character in its first 12 months.

This unleavened, unfined wine with no added sulfites is also suitable for people following a vegan diet.

Regain expresses a facet of our 6-armed team, you will find the work on our lands, our vines, a meticulous harvest and a crazy attention to the cellar.

The No. 1 Regain adventure continues with Chapter No. 2 Fer Croisé. Good time.

Domaine de Brau
Domaine de Brau
Domaine de Brau
Domaine de Brau
Domaine de Brau
Domaine de Brau
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